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May 15th, 2006 (04:34 pm)

Changed journals. Deleting this one in two days.

I'll find you if you don't find me first. If I deny you then that's too bad.

ワルモノ [userpic]


March 29th, 2006 (07:41 pm)
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Fuck yes, I have a car. It's nice~


ワルモノ [userpic]

Dir en grey live in Avalon!

March 22nd, 2006 (12:42 am)

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It was amazing.

We arrived at Penn Station (Ari, Mom, Dad and I) and we met up with Ryou at some street. 7th Ave or something? I don't fucking know! We all parted ways and we went straight to Avlaon and sat our asses down. We met a lot of cool people, although some people went by 'Kyo' a lot. I met this person named 'Die' and she was so fucking sweet as well as this Kyoka chick. I also met Anna. I've seen her on myspace and she lives near me. Uh, and everyone kept calling me 'cute' and 'adorable' and Ryou was all like "I don't understand. This girl says she's fat and she's obviously NOT" or something along those lines which made me feel really good about myself. People were swarming me. I adored it. I adored the energy of the fans. Everyone was actually beautiful in realtiy. Fans of visual kei seem to have a better way of understanding one another and being open minded.

We walked towards the back of the line and decided to wait by the side door where this interviwer for Dir en grey approached me becuase of the outfit and Mr. Labcoat guy! So we got pictures taken and were asked about Dir en grey becuase she was going to have a lengthy interview- audio. I was kind and asked her where they were coming in and when. She said we're in a good spot, and they'd appear within fifteen minutes. Sure enough they did, but at a different door. I was able to see their heads. It was a neat experience.

On line again we were filmed a LOT by cameras and asked to say something to the band and it was really cool, but people kept shoving me into the camera. Hn. I'm really hoping that doesn't appear on a DVD or something. Speaking of which, I hope they have a DVD that comes out.

Around 3:00 they put a gate up and caged us in. We did pee runs and stuff like that... nothing important. Pictures will be later. . . . . .


I'm trying not to focus on what happened beforehand when the first band played. Let's jsut say I was crushed to the point where this guy named Damien (Mr. Labcoat man!) I met had to escort me out. I was screaming, sobbing, and clawing for people to let me through. We were so packed that if I lifted my feet I could have stayed in mid air with how tight we all were. I was being elbowed in the chest and I couldn't breathe.

I shook all the way up to the balcony where I met with Die and she told me everything would be okay. She let me hang with her. Dir en grey came on and her and I were SCREAMING and CRYING. G.D.S was blasting and we were rocking out. Then everyone came on stage and Kyo looked gorgeous. Picture how they all looked during the Austin Industrial Performance, but give them a dash of energy, excitement, and glow. They were FAB! Kyo was so into the audience and kept LOOKING at everyone. Die was flipping everyone off and Shinya was gorgeous with his hair. Kaoru had his face showing. He still looks spectacular as well as Toshiya! Toshiya was really good looking actually. I just... wow.

So they started with CLEVER SLEAZOiD and it was performed to a T. They did more Withering to Death songs. All I remember specifically is that after the encore they played Mr. NEWSMAN and a BRAND NEW SONG just for US man! I loved it! Kyo had so much energy. I'm not fucking kidding you when I say this... they looked at EVERYONE. Totchi pointed at Die, Anna and I. Then Kyo looked me straight in the eyes and curled his fingers and persuaded me. Fucker. I LOVED it. They adored us and we adored them. There were RABID fucking fangirls I wanted to knock in the face though, believe me.

THE FINAL was grand. I was crying, a lot. Sobbing. I can't speak. I'm in awe. I'm so glad and happy and jovial.

I'm sorry, but I found this adorable:
Cute Moments

The show ends and Kyo begins to grab at the stand he uses all the time during the concerts. Well, he's tugging for about a full MINUTE every which way to tugg the fucker off to throw it, but can't find a way to get it off the stage (I think it was screwed), so basically he grabbed the fan to cool him off under the stand and chucked it!!! Basically I thought he was all 'I want to be American-cool too... and throw things...' because the band before hand was chucking shit.

Then... he grabs this big huge bucket and stands infront of us all all '. . .' and simply dumps the fucker on his head, he gets soaked, and then he FLINGS the bucket into the audience!

Toshiya tries to throw guitar piks into the audience on the balcony, but he fails every time and bows with his hands pressed together and simply says "I'm sorry". He was so sheepish.

Toshiya and Die hugged as well as Kaoru and Die. It was great!

I can't type more... I can't....

I'm sorry. I need to relax or something.

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ワルモノ [userpic]

Please read.

March 7th, 2006 (03:15 pm)

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03/03/2006 UPDATE- Showcase Live Rules and Regulations
In order to make this showcase live tour as enjoyable as possible for fans, band and staff alike, it has become necessary that some general rules and regulations are outlined. It is your responsibility as an attendee to read through and understand everything outlined below before the live. If anything is unclear, please e-mail us. If you are found in violation of any of the rules and regulations outlined below, you will be immediately removed from the live without refund. Every customer will receive a sheet of paper with the following rules and regulations on it upon entering the live.

Absolutely no photography/video of any kind
INCLUDING: Photos/Video taken from cell phones
If you are seen with a cell phone in your hand during the live, we will have to assume that you are doing so to take a photo/video.

Absolutely no climbing onto the stage under any circumstances. If by crowd surfing you will incidentally have to get on stage to get back into the crowd, DON'T DO IT.

Observe every rule/regulation outlined by the club. Take heed to their individual restrictions before entering the club. If anything is unclear, it is your responsibility to contact the venue yourself.

Absolutely no throwing of objects of any kind onto the stage. This could cause injury to the members. If you do so, you will be removed from the live and legal action will be taken against you.

Absolutely no vandalism or damaging of any part of the Venue, outside or inside (this includes sticking Dir en grey stickers on any part of the venue). If you do so, you will be removed from the live and legal action will be taken against you.

Please try to respect the fans around you. If someone looks like they are injured or in trouble, let's all make an effort to help them out together.

Please try to make all the necessary preparations for going to a standing live. Please keep in mind that it is very hot and hard to breathe in the crowd. Try not to wear constricting clothes or clothes that may be easily torn or ruined, and keep a bottle of water with you. If you are in trouble, get the attention of a staff member and you will be aided out of the crowd. Keep in mind that you will be bumped and bruised; it is the nature of rock concerts.

If you see anyone around you in violation of any rule/regulation of either FREE-WILL America or of the Venue, please get the attention of a staff member immediately.

FREE-WILL America staff members will be wearing a "STAFF" T-shirt. Please familiarize yourself with the staff members before entering the live.

Do not doubt our ability to come and get you, even in the middle of the crowd.

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ワルモノ [userpic]

. . .

January 22nd, 2006 (05:31 pm)

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