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January 22nd, 2006 (05:31 pm)

current mood: mischievous
current song: Dir en grey- THE FINAL




This journal is FRIENDS ONLY.

If you want to be added you should comment me.
Please don't just add me.

I like to role play and my muses are listed on my main journal page, the right hand bar.
You should support Japanese text.

This journal is very personal, and private.
I won't catch you up on my life or who I am.

There are filtered entries in which some people can and can't read specific ones.
I do this to keep myself sane, and you, as readers, as well.

I spam with mindless rants. Deal with it!

No fangirling/fanboying.
I'm a huge Dir en grey fan.

I HATE America.
I HATE Bush.

I HATE you...

Fuck with me, I can fuck you up... bad.
I won't hesitate to slam your face into the pavement.


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Cris (_prism)
Posted at: February 9th, 2006 02:29 am (UTC)

sorry _-_

Posted by: (insert name here) (trap)
Posted at: April 2nd, 2006 01:43 pm (UTC)
[KR] Cube / Die

Add meeeee \(;x;)/
I am the red-headed gun-toting assassin whose blade-wielding woman left him for the blond guy she lost to in a fight!

(aka this is Alana's more private/writing journal! XD *had to be creative stupid*)

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